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Other Housing

Other Housing is Not Home Ownership

This section deals with alternative housing arrangements that involve something other than the traditional method of buying a house - borrowing the purchase price from a bank and in return giving the bank a mortgage on the home.  These alternative housing arrangements have their own laws and procedures that are very different from a loan and mortgage situation.

Contrary to home ownership and the foreclosure process, if you miss a payment on a land contract or mobile home purchase, the consequences can be very quick and severe.  You could loose your entire investment in a matter of weeks. 

Be informed.  Know what laws apply to your housing situation and how the process works.  Read the other pages in this section that apply to you and do additional research or contact your attorney if you have further questions.

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This website provides general legal information and not legal advice.  The law is complex and changes frequently. 
Before you apply any general legal information to a particular situation, consult an attorney. 
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